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High Value Document
Services (HVDS)

High Value Document Services utilizes cutting edge technology to ensure a level of accuracy that goes well beyond normal mailing standards. SSI applies a unique document tracking number to each piece (or page, if applicable) via a scannable barcode. As pages are inserted or matched, they are scanned and the document’s ID is captured in an electronic log. When each portion of a job is completed, the scan log is verified and reconciled to prove that every page has been inserted and is accounted for – no commingling of unrelated documents into the same envelope, no missing pieces, and no duplicates.

If the job involves a multiple page match, we scan the matched components to ensure that all pages are present, that they all match and that they are in the correct order. This match scan is performed in addition to the outbound scan described above – giving your job an automated double quality control.

The scan log also allows SSI to report to you exactly which pieces mailed on any given day – not just a total quantity or zip code – but exact pieces mailed, to whom, and at what address. This can be a huge time-saver for customer service or call centers that continually receive “I didn’t get my package yet” calls. The operator can look at the scan database and not only tell callers the exact mail date, but instantly verify the mailing address. This means you don’t waste time looking for mail that was sent to an old, incorrect address, or spend time trying to track down a piece that hasn’t even mailed yet.

HVDS gives you the reassurance that comes from knowing you can account for each piece of your mailing and provide documentation that it was actually mailed. That kind of peace of mind is priceless!

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Case Study:
Proof and More
A healthcare institution group had a large workforce (80,000+) that transferred and moved often. When insurance enrollments went out, the company received hundreds of calls from employees looking for their enrollment packages. The first year the company outsourced their enrollment production to another vendor, it had to reprint and re-mail more than 200 enrollment packages because the vendor couldn’t be certain the original packet went out. The healthcare company was also forced to extend its enrollment period because the vendor couldn’t prove when the mailing of the actual packets was completed.

When that company approached SSI about doing its enrollments, SSI (knowing the problems encountered in the previous year) insisted on using HVDS. SSI forwarded a mailing log to the client daily, showing exactly which packets went out on that day and the address to which each packet was sent. Each time an employee called about not receiving an enrollment, the client could tell them what day their packet mailed, verify the correct address, and update the file, if necessary. The first year SSI took over this project, only five packets needed to be reprinted.