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The three principals function as a cohesive team, with each bringing different talents and viewpoints to every situation. The result is an integrated approach and creative solutions that reflect their wide range of experience and skills.


Chris Mitchell – President and Founder
With a wealth of practical experience gained over 20+ years in the imaging industry, Chris is at the forefront of SSI’s research efforts and leads the way in the adoption of new technology.

At SSI, Chris is responsible for the overall vision of the company and also leads our sales efforts. Since most of SSI’s sales come from referrals, Chris’s main function is to consult with clients to determine the feasibility of their projects from both a cost and time standpoint. He also advises on design and implementation.

This pre-production consultation is one of the most valuable services that SSI offers because it ensures that your project is produced effectively and in accordance with USPS guidelines.

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Ginny Jackson - Vice-President
Ginny and Chris have known each other professionally for many years. Shortly after Chris started SSI, Ginny returned to Texas from her native California and joined the company. Her extensive experience with data, combined with her ability to communicate the customers’ goals to the programmers, has helped SSI focus on data-intensive projects, becoming an industry leader in this area.

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Christy Robbins – Director of Operations
Having worked together at another company, Christy and Chris quickly realized they shared the same focused approach and work ethic. When SSI began to add additional services, such as imaging, Christy was the preeminent choice to oversee those functions. As SSI’s Director of Operations, Christy is responsible for making sure “everything” gets done, overseeing print, lettershop, and warehouse activities, plus all our administrative and financial functions.

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